What’s the difference between a service and an MOT?

By 4 September, 2017 Car Maintenance, Car Service, MOT
MOT & Service

According to the latest data, roughly 60% of people aren’t exactly sure what MOTs and services involve, or the differences between the two. We’ve written this simple guide to explain the two options and why it makes sense to get both done!

What’s included in an MOT test?

If your car’s more than three years old, you’ll have to put it through an MOT every year. Put simply, an MOT tests that your car’s safe, roadworthy and that your emissions aren’t too high. So what gets checked during an MOT?

• Lights
• Car horn
• Battery
• Electrical wiring
• Steering
• Suspension
• Brakes
• Tyres
• Seatbelts
• Bodywork
• Number plates
• VIN plate
• Speedometer
• Exhaust
• Fuel system
• Emissions
• Mirrors and wipers
• Windscreen

While all garages have to tick the standard boxes, some will take more care over your car than others, so choose carefully.

What’s included in an Interim Service?

You’re probably thinking, job done! Why do I need a service when all that gets checked in my MOT? Well, a service is optional, but if you want your car to last as long as possible, to be safer than safe, and to be cheaper to run, you’re best off booking in for a Interim Service. That way, you can make sure all bases are covered and get minor issues fixed before they become major ones, saving you time and money in the long run.

So what does a service include? The answer isn’t as cut and dry as the above, as each garage will offer a slightly different package, so let’s look at what’s covered in our 32-point Include Service:
• Vehicle history
• Timing belt replacement interval
• Dashboard warning lamps
• Air conditioning operation and temperature, and air conditioning pipes
• Exterior lights
• Car horn
• Parking break lever travel
• Windscreen, washers and wipers
• Oil level on arrival
• Brake fluid condition
• Air filter
• Coolant strength
• Battery condition
• Power steering fluid
• Tyre condition and tread
• Visual brake check
• Handbrake cable condition and security
• Exhaust condition and security,
• Brake pipes and hoses
• Power steering pipes and hoses
• Visual check of steering components
• Visual check of suspension components
• Drive shaft and CV boot gaiters
• Gearbox and differential oils
• Auxiliary drive belts
• Recheck of engine oil level

Phew! As you can see, it’s a pretty long list! During your service, we’ll drain your engine oil, replace the oil filter, refill your oil tank, top up your washer fluid, gearbox and differential oils, lubricate door hinges and latches, reset your service light and stamp your service book. And we’ll also make sure you receive great customer service from the moment you book your service to when you drive your fixed-up motor off the forecourt.

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