Dashcams: What’s all the fuss about?


If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably seen videos popping up from people with dashcams who are keen to show off their footage. With around a million of them in use in the UK, there’s no doubt you’ve also have seen people driving around with cameras on their dashboards recording everything that happens as they cruise along. So, should we all be rushing out to get one? Does having a dashcam make us safer on the roads?

The benefits of dashcams

Around 17% of drivers currently have a dashcam, and a further 30% are planning to buy one in the near future. Like satnavs, dashcams are available at various price points, with some showing only the road ahead and others offering both front and rear views. But how do they really benefit us?

  • Blame in accident scenarios
    If you’re involved in an accident, dashcams can help to show what really happened and who may be to blame. For example, if a car stops very suddenly without indicating and you plough into the back of it, you may be able to use your footage to argue your case. Or if the person who pulls out onto the roundabout you’re travelling along while on the phone, you can use this as evidence against them. This is especially helpful for those who have a serious accident and can’t remember the circumstances as a result. Around 76% of dashcam owners bought their so they have proof of who caused any potential incidents. The good news is that around 30 top UK insurance firms will accept dashcam footage as part of a claim.
  • Beating the scammers
    Like fake news, ‘fake accidents’ are becoming increasingly common. This is when someone deliberately causes an accident to generate a claim they can benefit from financially. You may have seen the recent clip of a couple of scammers who reversed a motorbike into a car to make it look like the driver had hit the bike. When the understandably shaken driver pointed to her dashcam, the scammers scarpered! Last year, a fleet driver avoided a £16,000 insurance claim because his dashcam footage showed that he was not to blame for the accident.
  • Technical breakdowns
    If something goes wrong with your car while you’re driving and you have a dashcam in place, the footage may help your recovery company or mechanic get to the bottom of the problem more quickly.
  • Safer driving
    Approximately 42% of those with a dashcam in place say that it helps them feel safer on the road. Subconsciously knowing that what they do behind the wheel is being recorded helps many people focus on their driving and take fewer risks. Other road users may also take better care if they think they’re being recorded by your dashcam!
  • Reduced premiums
    Some insurance providers will reduce premiums for drivers who have a dashcam as they believe that the technology helps to prevent false claims and increase road safety.
Keep your car maintained

If you’re serious about road safety, car maintenance should be your number one priority. While dashcams may offer a level of protection, they are no substitute for ensuring that your vehicle is safe, roadworthy and running efficiently. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so get your car serviced regularly. If you have any concerns about your vehicle, don’t wait to book it in at your local IN’n’OUT Autocentre.