Summer driving safety tips

By 10 July, 2017 Air Con, Summer Driving
Summer Driving Tips

Driving in hot weather conditions can prove tricky at times, with added health and safety risks for you and your passengers. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to keep you cool and safe while you’re cruising in your car this summer, whether you’re off on your summer holidays or taking a cheeky day trip to break up a busy week.

Top summer driving tips

Cool down your car
Give yourself the best chance of a relaxing drive by avoiding getting into a hot car. Parking in the shade, cracking open the windows or doors, and running your aircon for a few minutes before you set off will get you off to a super cool start.

Top up your fluids
Car engines can get really hot in warm weather, especially if you’re stuck in traffic. Make sure your coolant is topped up at all times and turn off your engine in heavy jams. Windscreens can get very dirty in dry weather and marks will be intensified in the glaring sun. Having plenty of windscreen washer fluid will give you a clear view whatever the weather.

Don’t forget to book an Top up before you hit the road this summer and we’ll take care of all this and more so you don’t have to!

It’s super important that you stay hydrated if you’re stuck in a hot car in the sunshine. Take plenty of cold water on long journeys, making sure there’s enough to go around for you, your passengers and any pets you’re taking along for the ride.

Grab a lift to the beer garden
People flock to beer gardens, BBQ’s and festivals on sunny days, and who can blame them? These occasions can be really fun, but people may be tempted to drink and drive when the sun’s out. Before you head to a summer social, work out how you’re going to get home. Don’t drink if you’re the designated driver, and get a lift or a taxi if you fancy a pint or two. That way you can enjoy the hot weather without putting your life, or anyone else’s, at risk.

Mind the glare!
Glare from the sun can cause all kinds of accidents, so be prepared. Make sure your wipers are in good nick, wear sunglasses if it’s really bright out and use your sun visors to keep the bright light out of your eyes.

Watch out for summer hazards
You may have to share the roads with heavier traffic during the summer months, with cyclists, caravans, horse riders and walkers out enjoying the sun. Drive carefully at all times and respect other road users. Be particularly cautious on country roads, where blind bends and dips can catch you off guard. Check your mirrors for motorbikes, which can creep up on you or launch out of side roads without warning.

Check your tyres
Tyre blowouts are a common problem in warm weather. According to the AA, damaged, under inflated tyres deteriorate in higher temperatures, making punctures and blowouts more likely. Check your air pressure regularly and keep them at the manufacturers’ recommended levels.

Prepare for rain!
We’d love it to be sunny all the time, but more often than not a dramatic downpour is just around the corner. Be ready to adapt your driving style if unexpected bad weather strikes. Driving through heavy summer storms can throw up a whole host of new driving challenges!

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