5 reasons to get your air con checked

Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve heard from a reliable source that summer is finally on its way! The cold, wet weather will soon be a thing of the past (for a week or two at least!), so it’s important that you’re prepared for a potential heatwave. We’re not talking about stocking up on factor 30, although that’s not a bad idea. We’re talking about getting your air con checked, and here’s why…

1. Nobody likes getting into a hot car
If you’ve ever parked your car in the glaring sun and burnt your hands on the steering wheel, you’ll exactly know what we mean. To avoid that unpleasant sensation of being covered in sweat and stuck to the seat, you’ll probably want to crank up the air con to max. The problems come when you haven’t used it for a while and it’s suddenly stopped working. There you are, melting like a Mr Whippy with the kids whining in the back and there’s no cold air! That’s why we recommend getting it checked out before you head off on your hols.

2. Air con systems fade over time
Air con systems only really work for about two years before they need a bit of TLC. That’s because they run on refrigerant, which depletes over time. Perhaps when you first got your new wheels, you’d press the button and your car would transform into a mobile fridge, but now it only seeps out a pathetic stream of semi-cooled air. If that’s the case, you’ll need to recharge your air con system to get it back on track.

3. It’ll save you money
If your air con’s not working efficiently, your engine will have to work harder to produce cold air. That means you’ll be spending more on fuel. This isn’t good for your car or your wallet, so get your air con looked at before the hot weather kicks in.

4. You can use it all year round
Ok, let’s admit it, we’re not going to get glorious sunshine every day for the rest of the year. But the good news is, you can put your air con to good use even on cooler days. It’s a great way to demist your windows quickly on nippy mornings, for example. It can also help to offset unpleasant odours. The less said about that, the better!

5. It’s not checked when you get your car MOT
You might assume that your annual MOT looks at every aspect of your car, including the air con. In reality, your garage will only check the parts that affect your car’s safety and roadworthiness. As air con is an added extra and doesn’t actually affect the car’s safety, it won’t be on the checklist, so you’ll need to get it seen to separately.

At IN’n’OUT, we can recharge your air con while you wait. We’ll make sure it’s re-gassed and working at full efficiency, so you never get caught short. Don’t wait until there’s a problem before you get it checked out. The money you spend getting it checked will be well worth it, with plenty of cool air on offer and better fuel efficiency saving you cash at the petrol pumps.

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