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52 point service in under 90 minutes

Our trained technicians recommend your car receives a Full Service every 12,000 miles or 12 months – whichever is sooner. A Full Service each year will reduce the risk of breakdown, improve efficiency and can help maintain the value of the vehicle.

During the Full Service we carry out extensive checks of items under the bonnet including brake, fuel and radiator pipes and hoses, power steering fluid and auxiliary drive belt adjustments (if required).

While your car is being carefully serviced, Catch up on work or entertainment in our comfortable lounge with the free high-speed Wi-Fi and complimentary fresh coffee. Our family friendly lounges feature the latest magazines, are child friendly.

What’s Included?

Our Full Service is a comprehensive service designed for every 12,000 miles. The 52 point service includes an oil & filter change using premium Castrol Oil and a replacement air filter. All completed within 90 minutes.

  • Price of £169* inc. vat, parts and labour
  • *£29.95 oil supplement may apply if your car requires fully synthetic or specialist oils
  • Warranty approved parts fitted
  • Air filter replaced
  • Service light reset, or onboard computer updated
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment used
  • Applies to all car makes and models

From £169.00

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We also do manufacturer specific scheduled services

Ask in store for details on manufacturer specific scheduled servicing work. For an accurate quote our team will need your vehicle VRM and last service details. This can be found in your service book or vehicle onboard computer.

*Parts include oil filter, air filter, oil and fluids included above and are guaranteed for 1 year. This does not affect your statutory rights and is not an insurance backed guarantee. £29.95 oil supplement may apply if your car requires fully synthetic or specialist oils

  • Full Service + Castrol Fully Synthetic Oil

    only £193.95*

    MOT due? Add for only £19*

    What to Expect?

    Before arrival, please bring your vehicles service stamp book.

    • Your car is first inspected and correct oil type determined
    • Full Service completed within 90 minutes
    • Premium Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic Oil used
    • Latest diagnostic equipment used
    • Copy of full report to take away
    • We will never carry out any unauthorised work

    * Online only.

  • Interim Service + Castrol Fully Synthetic Oil

    only £133.95*

    MOT due? Add for only £19*

    Gone in 60 minutes

    Don't forget your vehicle service stamp book.

    • Fixed price of £133.95* inc vat, parts & labour
    • Premium Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic Oil used
    • Manufacturer approved filter fitted
    • Latest diagnostic equipment used
    • Estimated 60 minutes to complete
    • Copy of full report to take away

    * Online only.

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Vehicle Service ChecklistFull ServiceInterim Service

12,000 miles
1 year

6,000 miles
6 months

Preliminary Tasks:
Check Damage / Missing Items
Check Horn Operation
Check Obligatory Mirrors
Check Exterior Lights
Check Cabin Lights
Check Wiper and Wash System
Check Air Conditioning System Temperature
Check Vehicle Warning Lights
Check & Report Wheel Condition
Check & Report Tyre Size
Check & Report Tyre Condition
Check & Adjust Tyre Pressures
Check & Report Tyre Tread Depths
Check & Report Condition of Spare
Wheel and Tyre
Check & Report if Wheel Alignment is required
Check & Report Camshaft Drive System
Report Spark Plug Service Interval
Report Fuel Filter Service Interval
Engine Bay Operations:
Check & Report Engine Oil
Check & Report Brake Fluid
Perform Brake Fluid Analysis
Check & Report Battery Security
Check & Report Battery Condition
Check & Report Engine Coolant Levels
Test & Report Anti Freeze
Check & Report Engine Cooling System
Check Operation of Engine Cooling Fan
Check & Report Power Steering System
Check & Report Auxiliary Drive Belts
Check & Report Engine Bay for Leaks
Test & Report Alternator Output
Vehicle Underside:
Remove Wheels & Check Condition
Visual Brake Inspection
Check & Report all Visible Brake Components
Full Brake Inspection with Detailed Report
Check & Report Steering Joints
Check & Report Suspension Joints
Check & Report Wheel Bearings
Check and report for Wheel Damage and Condition
Check & Report Suspension System
Check & Report Drive Line
Check & Report Exhaust System
Check & Report Exhaust Mountings
Check Underside Hoses and Pipes
Check & Report Underside Body Condition
Service Tasks:
Stamp Service Book & Reset Service Light
Replace Engine Oil
Replace Engine Oil Filter
Replace Air Filter Element
Air Filter Inspection
Top-up Washer Fluid
Check and Top Up Transmission Fluid Levels (Manual Only)
Lubricate Door Hinges and Latches
Engine Scan Using Latest Diagnostic Equipment
Road Test Correct Function and Operation of Vehicle

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