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Fuel System Treatments

Dirt and deposits build up in your fuel system which affects performance and fuel efficiency. All engines build-up carbon over time.  This leads to problems with emissions and fuel efficiency; as this build up of carbon occurs on the injectors, intake valves, and the combustion chambers which all affect the vehicles performance. We use a range of specially chosen products which clean, lubricate and clean these essential components of your vehicle.  Your vehicle will instantly benefit from increased throttle response and better fuel economy. 

It's all about the flow

Every time you press the accelerator pedal, you control how much fuel and air the engine takes in. Over time, deposits form in critical areas of the fuel system, resulting in reduced fuel economy, loss of power and other driveability issues. Periodic fuel system cleaning helps to maintain optimal engine performance. IN'n'OUT Autocentres technicians use multi-step cleaners to remove deposits from the fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber. If your fuel filter needs to be replaced, either because it’s clogged or is at the end of its useful life, IN'n'OUT Autocentres technicians can perform that service as well.

  • Fuel cleaning treatment £19.95
  • Fuel filter is replaced as part of our Full Service

Fuel Filter Replacement Service

The Fuel Filter help to keep contaminants that maybe in your fuel tank from reaching sensitive fuel system components like the injectors, where they can seriously affect performance and driveability.  The old Fuel Filter is replaced with new one that meets or exceeds your manufacturer's recommendation.